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Kuwait Drilling Company K.S.C (KDC) was established in 1963, and  became a joint venture between CMS and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). CMS has 51% stake in KDC and 49% stake belongs to KPC.

Over the years of operation, KDC has drilled more than 2,800 wells in Kuwait and Joint Operations (partitioned zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia). KDC engages in all aspects of deep, medium and shallow drilling as well as work-over services. KDC also provides water well drilling & management services.

Currently, KDC commands 40% of the drilling services market in Kuwait. having expanded the size of their fleet four folds in the recent years. KDC is on track to further add several rigs to guarantee at least 50% of the market share in the near future.

KDC's mission is to become the preferred provider of well drilling and related services in the Middle East and to be recognized internationally for the quality provided to its customers.

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