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Contracting and Marine Services (CMS) was established in 1973, in the State of Kuwait, as a holding company with a capital of 23 Million KWD. Since 1973, CMS has built a capital structure of diversified investments, established and acquired subsidiaries to guarantee maximum profit with sustainable growth and minimal risk to share holders and has grown into one of the largest holding companies in the State of Kuwait.

During the course, CMS has diversified into an operational organization providing turn-key solutions, services, technologies and products for Oil & Gas (Upstream & Downstream - Onshore & Offshore), Electricity, Power, Water, Infrastructure and Marine Industries.


CMS performs operations directly and through its subsidiaries - KDC, IMCC & Zone Global Logistics in Kuwait and Joint Operations (partitioned zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia). CMS has successfully executed D&WO contracts in Libya until 2014 and is currently on track for permanent operational expansion into Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.


CMS also provides local representation / sponsorships to a multitude of international and regional companies and has strategic partnerships / joint ventures with select entities towards a common goal in Kuwait.


"To build sustainable operations in all energy sectors, for the organization, stakeholders and business partners with focus on innovation, technology and continual service improvement"


“Energy will always play an essential role in world development. We are here to lead the process of unlocking and realizing Kuwait & GCC's energy resource potential, and to do it through responsible and sustainable operations, while continuing to play a key role in the development of Kuwait and ensuring economic prosperity for future generations through energy diversity.”

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Ali D. Alshammari

Chairman & CEO


"To develop and achieve sustainable growth through our operational diversity & innovation"


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